Audio and Video recordings

Place and Moment

Max Neuhaus - Times Square, short film, 2002
(video  7'57"  19.3 MB)
A Conversation between Max Neuhaus and Menil Collection Director Josef Helfenstein, October 18, 2006, Menil House, Houston, TX
(video 58'44" 191MB)
Time Piece Stommeln - a film by Werner Hannappel showing this work's realization process including the town meeting with the citizens of Stommeln, 2007
(video  25'47"  69.9 MB)
Max Neuhaus interviewed in Times Square and his studio demonstrating an early digital sound synthesis system, 1982 (video  6' 59"  12.7 MB)
Max Neuhaus interviewed by the Walker Art Center at the site of his 1980 installation.
(audio  18' 44" 8.6 MB)
A Conversation between Max Neuhaus and Ulrich Loock, 2005 (video  52'10"  145.2MB)
Max Neuhaus in conversation with Yehuda Safran and Doris v. Drathen, Columbia University, New York City, October 2006
(video  54' 22"  121.8 MB)
Brandon LaBelle in conversation with Max Neuhaus, Berlin 2008 (video  1h 00' 33"  187.7 MB)
Background on Place and Moment: Evocare (pdf)


Excerpts from Neuhaus' concert inaugurating the first Zaj Festival, Madrid, November 27, 1965. Clip from Spanish newsreel. (video  1'40"  12.2MB)

John Corigliano interviews the young Max Neuhaus in 1963 on New York radio station WBAI. Neuhaus also demonstrates instruments and performs Stockhausen's Zyklus, live. (audio  26'37"  24.4MB)


Radio clip with interview on Radio Net, produced by Roman Mars for Re:sound, WBEZ, Chicago, 2005
(audio  11'49"  10.8MB)

A look behind the scenes at Radio Net's realization process, 1977 (video  25'09"  69.2MB)
Public Supply I, WBAI, New York, 1966
(audio  1h 17'46"  71.2MB)
Public Supply IV, WFMT, Chicago, 1973
(audio  1h 41'47"  93.2MB)
Radio Net, National Public Radio Network, USA, 1977
    Cross country loop one   (audio  2h 1'02"  110.8MB)
    Cross country loop two   (audio  2h 1'02"  55.4MB)
    Cross country loop three (audio  2h 1'01"  55.4MB)
    Cross country loop four   (audio  2h 1'01"  55.4MB)

Drawing showing the routes of Radio Net's cross country loops

Background on Public Supply and Radio Net (pdf)