Permanent Sound Works
September 2007

Sound Figure, 2007

Collection: The Menil Collection

Location: The Menil Collection, Houston

The work is sited, unmarked, on the walkway
leading to the main entrance to the museum
about 6 meters (20 feet) before its doors.
Available 24 hours per day.

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Time Piece Stommeln, 2007

Collection: City of Pulheim

Location: Town Square, Stommeln-Pulheim, Germany

An communal sound signal for the Stommeln Synagogue with soundings at Halachic Hours in the town square of Stommeln

More info: Stadt Pulheim or telephone (English/German): +49 2238 808 188


Eybesfeld, 2007

Collection: Conrad-Eybesfeld

Location: Park of the estate of Bertran and Christine Conrad-Eybesfeld near Graz, Austria.

Please email: to arrange a visit.


Time Piece Beacon, 2006

Collection: Dia Art Foundation, New York

Location: Interior and exterior surroundings of Dia:Beacon's Reggio Galleries in Beacon, New York, from five minutes before each hour. Currently from 9:55 AM through 7:55 PM daily.

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Auracle, 2004



Time Piece Graz, 2003

Collection: Kunsthaus Graz

Location: Exterior of the Kunsthaus Graz from ten until five minutes before each hour. Currently from 8:50 through 21:50 daily.

More info: Kunsthaus Graz


Times Square, 1977–1992; reinstated in 2002

Collection: Dia Art Foundation

Location: Unmarked on the north end of the pedestrian island bounded by 46th and 45th Streets, Broadway and Seventh Avenue, Times Square, New York City. Accessible 24 hours per day.

Max Neuhaus - Times Square, short film

Promenade du Pin, 2002

Collection: Fonds Cantonale d'Art Contemporain, Geneva

Location: Park, Promenade du Pin (across from entrance to the Cabinet du Stampe). Accessible 24 hours per day.


La Barma, 2002

Collection: Pierre Huber

Location: Saint Luc, Switzerland. Ask locally where the path called La Barma starts and follow it for about 500 meters.
Accessible 24 hours per day.


Suspended Sound Line, 1999

Collection: Kunst im öffentlichen Raum die Stadt Bern

Location: GIBB Campus, Lorrainestrasse 1, Bern. Accessible 24 hours per day.


(untitled), 1999

Collection: Swisscom

Location: Swisscom Center, Worblaufen-Bern. Accessible from 7 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday, by appointment only – tel: (41) (031) 342 1111.


(untitled), 1996

Collection: Castello di Rivoli, Museo d'Art Contemporanea, Turin. Accessible during museum hours.


(untitled), 1993

Collection: CAPC Musée d'Art Moderne, Bordeaux. Accessible during museum hours.


Three to One, 1992

Collection: Documenta

Location: AOK Building, Friedrichplatz 14, Kassel. Accessible from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


Three 'Similar' Rooms, 1990

Collection: Giorgio and Giorgiana Persano, Piazza Vittorio Veneto 9, Turin. By appointment – tel: (39) (011) 835527.